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15 Jun 2015
How to build a website
The entire procedure of making your web site involves some terminology and principles that you need to know before commencing. With all the info offered below, making your website will definitely be a lot easier.

How to create a website
So prior to making your own site, you should first know these four fundamental components. So as to help you better understand how a web site works, we’ll utilize the analogy of a brick-and-mortar store and draw parallels between the two.


Getting a domain name is the very first thing you ought to do. But what is a domain name? It is like a web site's address. It tells consumers where to locate you on the world wide web. It is crucial to keep the domain name short. So for those trying to find you on-line, it will be easy to recall and type in.

Much like how a typical store address works, a ‘web address’ which you give to your clients could help them find your site on the web.


A website hosting service is a company that provides a server where the web site would reside. The server is just a special computer which has special program to display web sites. Servers are always on, 24 hours every day. This means any person can access the site any time as it is always on line.

Think of a web site hosting service as the land where you're planning to create a web site. It provides a location where your own site could be created. Think of it this way, the building and all other stuff of an off-line store require a land the same way as data and pictures of a site need a location for storage.


The most widely used platform is WordPress. With only one click, you can set up WordPress on your server without charge. It’s a series of data files and pictures that work together to form a piece of software program. WordPress is responsible for interacting with the server and the user at the same time.

Think of a website platform as a webs site's structure. And your site is supported by this framework. So as to connect to potential clients on-line, your site requires a structure which is provided by the website platform the same way an offline store requires an actual building.


A theme can be likened to paint. The theme is what makes the site look unique and you can utilize colors to create a design. Bottom line, both a brick-and-mortar store as well as an on line store require design and color to create a theme that feels and looks unique.

So, there you have it. You can now build a site by yourself using these 4 things. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what each one of these does.


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